Engage Elite IT Contractors for Team Extension, Vetted by Techtailor

Specializing in team extension for the Polish and Eastern European market, we bring 15 years of expertise to the table. Our vast network is composed of top-tier Polish developers, programmers, designers, and project managers.

Team Extension Services in Poland: Trusted by Top Talent and Leading Companies

World-Class Tech Talents at Your Fingertips: Software Team Extension in Eastern Europe - Poland, Ukraine, Romania

Our network of top-notch IT professionals offers team extension services in Poland, customized to fit your business needs perfectly. While we focus on Polish talent, we also provide team augmentation across Eastern Europe, handpicking skilled individuals from Ukraine and Romania.


Senior software developers, engineers, coders, and architects with expertise across hundreds of technologies are available to enhance your IT team extension in Poland. Consider hiring Polish developers for their diverse skills and knowledge.

  • Java
  • Typescript
  • React Native
  • C++
  • Flutter
  • Python


Hire Polish top designers for your team, including senior product designers, visual designers, UX designers, app designers, and more.

  • ux design
  • illustration design
  • Motion design
  • UI Design

Project Managers

Extend team with project managers and technical product owners proficient in modern project management tools, adept in agile and scrum methodology, and equipped with top-notch communication skills. Consider hiring project managers.

  • monday
  • jira
  • linear app
  • scrum
  • agile

QA Engineers

Extend your team with seasoned QA developers and test automation engineers specializing in building reliable end-to-end automatic testing for modern web applications.

  • selenium
  • cypress
  • playwright

Hire dedicated developers in Poland: Your Polish Team Extension Agency to Build High Performing Product & Engineering Teams on Demand.


Hire Quickly

Thanks to staying in constant touch with our tech talents community we can react quickly and pick a specialist who perfectly matches your business needs with laser precision. Our flexible terms allow you to scale up and down to the hourly or full-time basis.


Senior Talents

All our contractors have proven experience in their field of expertise. They have worked a significant amount of years in professional job positions gaining precious knowledge and expert know-how.


Excellent Communication Skills

Whether you hire Polish Engineers, Swedish Designers, or Spanish Project Managers you can be sure their level of English is fluent and their soft skills are really impressive. We value communication skills and abilities to translate ideas into understandable concepts.


Intensive Vetting Process

We do personal interviews, technical interviews, and team interviews. For programmers, we conduct live coding tests and home assessments. Designers take part in test workshops where we go from idea to ready wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes before they get hired.

Our Team Extension Model

See how easy it is to find a perfect staff add-on to your team or project. Take these three simple steps and find a great match.

Step 1

Tell Us About Your Needs

All Techtailor consultants are pre-vetted, which means we can tailor an individual to your needs in a very fast pace. You can sit back, relax, and be sure a right specialist is coming your way when you hire an extended team.

Step 2

Get Matched with a Consultant

Our team extension services ensure exceptional matches. We will pair you with a consultant who not only aligns with your team's culture but also possesses the necessary skills.

Step 3

Start Cooperation. Risk Free.

Because we aim to pair a consultant for a long term, we are able to cut down our pricing, making our extended development team more cost-effective. Such a business model is beneficial for all parties.

We Attract the Best Talents out There. Why?

We have a typical Swedish company culture based on trust, transparency, support, long-term thinking, and a flat hierarchy. We celebrate wins and tackle challenges as one team. All our teammates share the same core values. We are all proud to be part of Techtailor and to be known for creating world-class teams and services.


We hire the best tech talents

Our deep vetting process creates an environment of constant development. Skilled and motivated professionals want to join us to learn and grow together with top-quality talents.


We work with professional clients and exciting projects

Providing decent salary is no longer enough to attract and retain great talents. Experts want to work with exciting projects that mean a lot and create the opportunity to grow. And because Techtailor cares about the same, we are sure our specialists will stay with us long-term.


We are humble, transparent and supportive

What are great projects and people without trust? At Techtailor, we deeply believe being open and treating each other with respect is the way to go. We graft this approach in everything we do. That is why we can create supportive work environments for our specialists and clients.


We think long term

We believe that strong, authentic relationships lay at the base of every successful business. We no longer wnat to only meet the client's and talents' needs. We want to get to know them and solve their problems before they even appear.

We Operate Globally with a High Focus on a Polish Talent Pool. Why?

Why companies build dedicated team in Poland and use our Team extension services?

  • Polish developers are top-ranked and have strong work ethics

  • The talent pool in Poland is exceptional. With 289,000 IT professionals and 15,000 graduates entering the industry, Poland is the number one destination for team extension and building dedicated offshore teams.

  • Polish engineers are fluent in English, proactive, and culturally compatible, making team staffing in Poland ideal from a cultural perspective